It was a dark and stormy night… The vampires, wolves, witches, dead, undead, fairies, elves, aliens, other-dimensional beings, and everybody else from the preternatural or other-than-humankind type, were at the pub drinking and laughing about all the humans and their wild tales that were so far off…

I’m glad you’re here.

Many authors today are independent publishers. In my case, I’m the author/publisher/box packer/shipper/stand-in-line-at-the-post office gal.

When you see my books on Amazon or other sites, I receive the purchase order from the store and I ship the books to those sites, or directly to the buyer.

If you wanted an autograph, you won’t get one this way unless you turn around and send the book to me — paying shipping three times.

Order directly from my website and request an autograph.

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